Intergraph PV Elite 2019 SP1


 Intergraph PV Elite 2019 SP1

New Features in this VersionCode Updates

- Updated to support IBC 2018 wind & seismic code.(RI-TX-24759)
- Updated to support Mexican MDOC 2015 seismic code.(RI-TX-22221)
- Updated to support PD 5500:2018+A1 code update.(RI-TX-24841)
- Updated to support KHK 2012 seismic code.(RI-TX-1443)
- Updated to support Type 2 Jackets for PD 5500 & EN 13445.(RI-TX-23191)


- Updated PV Elite to allow the option to make the external length L for cylinders connectedto weld neck flanges.(CR-TX-26285)
- Updated PV Elite to allow users in Europe to enter through thekeyboard a decimal comma instead of the decimal point in the input. The software should convert the comma to a period automatically.(CR-TX-27346)
- Normally MDMT's are computed using hoop stress because hoop is twice longitudinal. But in a low-pressure column with high bending stress longitudinal might govern.(CR-TX-28335)

Input Processor & Analysis

- Updated PV Elite to show the help topics through a WPF help .NET desktop application. WPF help is designed to be a modern, easy-to-use help application that can run from any folder without formal installation.(CR-TX-24837)
- Updated PV Elite to allow long description names for nozzles so that users can keep description names of longer than 16-character names.(CR-TX-25730)
- Updated PV Elite to consider table UHX-8.1 of ASME Sec VIII Div 1 to determine W*value used in tubesheet calculations and consider full bolt load W*=Sa*Ab, in the tubesheet calculation.(CR-TX-25353)
- Updated PV Elite to add a checkbox to allow the option to make the external length L for cylinders connected to weld neck flanges include the Flange overall length.(CR-TX-26285)
- Updated PV Elite to add a "service type" and "Radiography" input field in case of a heat exchanger component, so it that will be useful to apply different minimum thickness as per UG-16(b) as per service for shell side, as well as tube side and will comply Coderequirements.(RI-TX-21488)
- Updated PV Elite to include an option to enter allowable shear stress for anchor bolts based on ASD, Steel Construction Manual, not ASME Sec II, for shear stress analysis.(CR-TX-12919)
- Updated PV Elite to add bolting data for 3P metric bolting designs. Bolt data is per Table H-1 of ASME PCC-1.(CR-TX-24815)
- Updated PV Elite to show the fabricated section ring on the inside or outside of the vesselas specified.(CR-TX-15558)
- Updated PV Elite to allow the user to specify that the Pressure (Design) only cases are to be used to compute the MAWP for hydrotest for ASME heat exchangers.(CR-TX-26654)
- Updated PV Elite to add a check box that allows the user to force the VIII-1, 1-5 calculation to happen when delta is greater than alpha, and the cone is connected to a flange. (CR-TX-27162)
- Updated PV Elite to set the allowable for Pm+Pl+Q to be changed to 3*Sh if there are no thermal expansion loads provided, also the user can specify a cyclic temperature to calculate the allowable for Pm+Pl+Q stress based on the rules of ASME VIII-2 Part 4, (a) and (b). (CR-TX-26685)

Output Processor & Reports

- Updated PV Elite to show all the data points in both Point Thickness Readings and Critical Thickness Profiles in the output report to verify that they are correct without having to go back to the input file.(CR-TX-4668)
- Updated PV Elite to show the total wind deflection that includes user defined forces, so that users do not have to add them together by hand. A line will be included after the deflection stating, "Total deflection, including wind and user applied forces". A user force must be specified.(CR-TX-25243)
- Updated PV Elite to support and show UW-16.1 sketches v-1 through w-2, so that users can see the weld representations in the nozzle calculation report.(CR-TX-26306)
- Updated PV Elite to add a note to show that ambient temperature is used instead of design temperature for WRC 107/ 537 in the Lifting Lug calculation report.(CR-TX-26267)
- Updated PV Elite to report correctly the lifting lug placement detail for horizontal vessels. Currently, lifting lug report for horizontal vessels shows as "Design reaction force at thetailing lug". It must be Left or Right lug.(CR-TX-26242)
- Updated PV Elite to see the title of the weight type in the Element and Detail Weightsreport so that it can more easily identify where the weights are coming from.(CR-TX-26592)
- Updated PV Elite to clean up printout for Electric Immersion Heatersin the Internal Pressure Calculations report while running a PED hydrostatic test.(CR-TX-26656)
- Updated PV Elite to suppress a Flange governing being flagged in the Failures Summary and only show the warning during the analysis run time iteration.(CR-TX-26607)
- Updated the API 579 report to show all the data points in the output to verify that they are correct without having to go back to the input file.(CR-TX-26254)
- Updated the WRC 297 allowable stress for Pm+Pl+Q to 3*S (which is taken from ASME section VIII, Division 2), shown in the Vessel Stress Summation Comparison table stress. (CR-TX-10228)


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