Honeywell PredictPipe v6.1


Honeywell PredictPipe v6.1 Predict® 6.1 helps users predict and control carbon steel corrosion in CO2 and H2S environments. It draws on Honeywell’s corrosion research to capture the effects of key environmental and operating parameters on corrosion rates. Effective corrosion monitoring and control enables users to extend asset life, minimize production losses and comply with regulations. Improve Asset Utilization with CO2 and H2S Corrosion Control Software Predict is a hierarchical approach to predicting corrosion and assessing system corrosion rates in carbon steels in CO2 and/or H2S production environments. The latest version – Predict 6.1 – helps users assess corrosion in oil and gas applications accurately, verify appropriate use of carbon steel, reduce corrosion/material expenditure significantly, and support efficient asset utilization. More specifically, it performs the following functions: Predict rate of general corrosion and wall loss for carbon steel Estimate the probability of pitting corrosion Perform rigorous water phase behavior calculations Account for the effects of glycol (MEG, TEG and DEG) Accurately model momentum transfer effects such as wall shear stress, flow regimes and void fractions Accurately determine scaling effects due to formation of iron carbonate and iron sulfide scales.


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