PHDwin 2.10.3


PHDwin v2.10.3

PHDWin is a full-featured, completely integrated economics and decline curve software package written by petroleum engineers for the oil and gas industry. It offers a complete solution to manage, organize, and evaluate reserves and economics.

Flexible modeling available for almost any country including U.S., Canadian and international assets. Before and after tax calculations are included. Cases can be projected in any volume convention and economics reported in the volume and currency convention of choice.
Flexible Economics

Advanced modeling for prices, expenses, taxes and royalties
Link to common price, expense, tax or royalty models
Sophisticated ownership modeling
Automated group reversions
Multiple ownership decks
Advanced reporting for combining ownership at report time
Create custom product, revenue, expense and tax streams
Investment grouping and tracking for capital budgeting

Unparalleled Automated Group Calculations
Dynamic Linking
International and Custom Modeling


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