Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2017.1


Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2017.1 The ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator provides the industry’s most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior for all types of reservoirs. The ECLIPSE simulator covers the entire spectrum of reservoir simulation, black oil, compositional, thermal and streamline reservoir simulation. Release details The 2017.1 release of the ECLIPSE suite includes the following: Further development of the constrained pressure residual (CPR) solver. Extension of E300 Chemical Reactions Framework allowing more representative modeling of water-based reactions. Hydrocarbon can now dissolve in water in thermal simulation. The capacity to define the gas redissolution rate in the ECLIPSE simulator on a region basis. The ability to create logarithmically-scaled local grids within an LGR. Extension of User Defined Arguments support to WELTARG keyword, making it possible to specify various limits with a user-defined argument. Capillary pressure will now be scaled on a cell-by-cell basis for imbibition Pc curves if SWATINIT is used with hysteresis. Segment vector reporting corresponding to cumulative flows have been added.


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