Pixoneer PG-STEAMER V5.0


PG-STEAMER V5.0 PG-STEAMER - Image Processing / Remote Sensing Software Schnell is now partner of Pixoneer Geomatics to distribute its image processing software PG-STEAMER in India PG-STEAMER is an acronym for Pixoneer Geomatics - Software Tools for Exploitation And Management of Earth Resources. What is Real Time Processing What is RTP? Real Time Processing (RTP) is a processing system that enables a user to view the product of processing their image data file instantly. It eliminates the pitfalls of the traditional "trial and error" workflow while still delivering accurate results. The problem with a traditional image processing workflow is that it is usually very slow for images with large file sizes. This slow pace can be very tedious for the user. With RTP, you completely avoid traditional image processing workflow steps and simply view the resulting product image instantly. The main module of the software package has a single, sleek GUI and can be used to access all the functionalities provided, be it image composing, geometric correction, image analysis or map composing. Traditional vs. RTP Image Processing Workflow There are very typical sequences for the processing and analysis of geospatial image data. In order to find the proper input parameters that give a desired result, it is often unavoidable to approach the processing using a traditional "trial and error" workflow. A traditional data processing workflow is often as follows: Set the input image file to process Enter input parameters and run process Analyze the resulting product If results are unsatisfactory, change input parameters and run process again Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the processed product is satisfactory In an effort to increase user efficiency, we've sought to reduce the time spent by users in this "trial and error" processing loop. Pixoneer Geomatics introduces a new high performance software engine capable of real-time image data processing. With this engine the user may now see and analyze the results immediately upon input of the processing parameters. Consequently, the time spent in the trial and error processing loop is significantly reduced. The enhanced sequence is as follows: Select the input image file Enter the desired input parameters and view/analyze the processing results in real-time Run the actual process when the product is satisfactory


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