Orica SHOTPlus-i v5.7.3.0 build 2018


Orica SHOTPlus-i v5.7.3.0 build 2018

Our SHOTPlus™ range of blast design and modelling software enable users to design, visualise and analyse blast initiation sequences across surface and underground mining, quarry and construction applications.

SHOTPlus™ provides you the support and tools that you need to improve your productivity, safety and environmental performance.

Full 3D design environment
Including rotation tool to view blastholes from any angle and proximity, including blast face and drill floor.

New features included in this release:

BlastIQ System

  • Ability to synchronize blast plans with the BlastIQ System (BlastIQ Login required)
  • Export basic loading rules - Basic loading rules can now be associated with a blast plan and uploaded to BlastIQ System
  • New Wet state tolerance per hole type - Currently used by BlastIQ Mobile to determine the wet state of a blasthole
  • ‘Load from BlastIQ’ function for loading available resources from a BlastIQ site.

Fragmentation Prediction Map

  • Predict fragmentation using your SHOTPlus blast design
  • Calibrate from measured fragmentation or calculate using standard values

Strata Intercept export

  • Export measured & interpolated strata intercept values

Improved UI/UX for non- English users

  • Layout improvements to better support non-English languages



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