Mintec.MineSight.3D.v9.0 MAKE THE RIGHT CALL Making the right call depends on knowing what’s really beneath the surface. Collaboration between geologists and engineers is critical in deciding whether to mine. That’s why some of the most complex and demanding mines in the industry depend on MineSight software. Powerful and integrated, MineSight software delivers exceptional performance at every step, beginning with exploration. Enhanced data visualization gives you the big picture needed to build accurate models and increase your speed to dig. MineSight software provides extensive tools for geologic modeling and interpolation. It offers complete functionality for building and managing 3D block, stratigraphic, and surface models. PRODUCTIVITY BY DESIGN Go beyond basic CAD with enhanced, innovative tools that can handle your most complex tasks and help you manage operations more productively. The MineSight CAD tools in Core and Engineering OP CAD reduce decision-making risks so you can confidently go after all of your mineable reserves.


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