Midland Valley move 2018.1


Midland Valley move 2018.1

What's new in Move2018 One of the major additions to the Move2018.1 release is Elliptical Fault Flow: a brand new 2D kinematic algorithm. Client feedback in the last year has led to the addition of a regional tilt (dip) to strata control in the Horizons from Fault tool, plus a more auto-population functionality in the 2D Move-on-Fault toolbox. The 2018 release also features the brand new Surface with Boundaries tool which allows the user to create kriged surfaces with a user-defined outer boundary extent along with various constraints. The Fault Analysis module introduces Stochastic modelling of hanging wall and footwall cut-off positions using known data resolution. Also introduced is the Monte Carlo Stress Inversion in the Fault Response Modelling module and several notable additions to Move Core in terms of imports, exports, and data handling. Among many other improvements, a common client request was to add the ability to visualize surfaces in Map View in various mesh and colour map styles in a similar way to the 3D View – this has now been implemented in Move2018. Stress Analysis has been enhanced too via the addition of a number of display options for focal mechanisms.



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