Leica Mintec Minesight 3D v11.5 Win64


Leica Mintec Minesight 3D v11.5 Win64 MineSight software for mapping and drilling operations mines. This product answers to all your needs in the field of mining. This program is in the process of extraction of surface and subsurface minerals, metals, coal, sand and other materials, and engineers will help a lot. It is thanks to the wide possibilities that can easily variety of geological, engineering and measurement and facilitate drilling operations. In the exploration process, can be interpreted geological data on the feasibility and planning and daily operations to help engineers. Many mining companies, consultants and prestigious universities around the world, the solutions provided by this software to further empower their work better. MineSight a system modeling, analysis and comprehensive interpretation of the raw data input is automatically interpreted interesting results that will have a significant role in improving the decision-making process engineers


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