Leapfrog Hydro 2.8.3


Leapfrog Hydro 2.8.3

  • The Hydrogeology module allows you to:

    • Import a screens table when importing borehole data
    • Create MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids/meshes based on Leapfrog implicit geological models
    • Import MODFLOW grids
    • Import 2D and 3D FEFLOW meshes
    • Visualise MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids in Leapfrog Works' 3D scene
    • Assign properties to MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids from geological and numeric models
    • Export MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids, including hydrogeologic parameters
    • Import and visualise simulation results from MODFLOW and FEFLOW
    • Share MODFLOW and FEFLOW models in Leapfrog  Viewer files for visualisation in the free Leapfrog Viewer


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