Golden Software Grapher v13.0.629


Golden Software Grapher v13.0.629 Create Professional Graphs Quickly create stunning and informative 2D and 3D graphs. Choose from over 70 different graph types and communicate your message to any audience with Grapher's extensive graphing abilities. Grapher Graph Types Line Scatter Bar Step Function Bubble Class Ribbon Parametric Histograms QQ Box-whisker Pie Doughnut Ternary Piper/Trilinear Vector Stiff Polar Radar High-low-close Contour Surface and many more... Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: You have full control over the final output of your graph Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: You have full control over the final output of your graph Represent Data at Its Best Control every aspect of your plot down to the smallest detail. Grapher’s extensive customization options allow you to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. Grapher displays your data at its very best. Grapher Customization Options Add legends, titles, and axes Include inset zoom or graph magnifier Edit all axis parameters, multiple axes Format axis scales as linear, logarithmic, natural logarithmic, probability, or date/time Combine multiple graphs Add fit curves, error bars, and statistical reports Place every graph component in a precise location Define custom line styles, colors, and fills Edit text, line, fill and symbol properties Add text, polylines, polygons, symbols, and spline polylines Many more… Achieve Deeper Insights Make informed decisions with Grapher. Discover new opportunities and trends hiding in your data with Grapher’s statistical tools. Add custom or pre-defined fit curves, error bars, or compute statistics on the raw data for a thorough understanding of the underlying trend. Grapher Statistical Tools Insert custom or pre-defined fit curves Apply confidence intervals Include error bars Perform statistical calculations on the raw data Display statistical reports Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software Image courtesy of Robert Sobczak, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: Work with all popular publishing programs Complete Compatibility Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources. Grapher natively reads numerous file formats including ACCDB, DBF, and XLSX. Grapher also supports most popular export formats. Easily manage all your data in Grapher.


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