Encom MapInfo 2019


Encom MapInfo 2019

What's New in MapInfo Pro Thank you for upgrading to the most advanced computer mapping product in the Pitney Bowes Inc. software family! As the field of computer mapping continues to expand, Pitney Bowes Inc. leads the way with new products that are designed to fulfill your computer mapping needs from the most basic to the most specialized. This is a list of the most important features and enhancements scheduled to be released with MapInfo Pro 2019. Here are the highlights: New Features Select By Location The new Select By Location dialog lets you select objects from one table based on their location relative to objects in another table. In other words, it enables you to create a selection using a spatial join between two tables. SQL Window Use the new SQL window to build and execute SQL queries and statements. The SQL window is essentially a script editor wherein you can write and execute one or more SQL statements along with pre and post script processing snippets. The scripts are run using the immediate mode interpreted MapBasic and are not compiled.

Switch to classic view The older Geocode using Server utility is visible only when the Geocode Tool is not loaded. When loaded, the Geocode tool takes precedence and replaces the older version. You can now revert to the legacy Geocode using Server Utility without unloading the Geocode tool. Click the new navigation button Switch to classic view at the bottom of the Geocode Tool to revert to the legacy Geocode using Server Utility. Geocoding Credits All MapInfo Pro license holders, Basic or Premium will get 2000 free credits a month now. Pack Tool Enhancements The name of the Advance Pack Tool has been changed to Pack now. Along with the name change, you can now access the old Pack Table functionality and the enhanced Pack Tool from the same interface. The Pack Table option from the Table list under the TABLE tab has been removed, and its functionality added with-in the Pack Tool interface. A new drop-down list Mode is now available in the Pack dialog box. This drop-down contains two options: 1. Simple - Select to pack a table using the old Pack Table functionality. 2. Advanced - Select to pack a table using the enhanced Pack Tool. About Tab Enhancements On the About tab in Backstage, you now have easy to find information on current settings used by MapInfo Pro (such as the UILocale, AppLocale, and System Character set in use). The current Number and Date/Time formatting in effect is displayed as well. At the top of the About section, there is an additional Copy control to allow for copying this information into an email and other documents for support information if needed. Bing Maps Update Bing Maps has a limited license period, which is specific to each version of MapInfo Pro. Bing Maps and the Add Bing Roads to Map and the Move Map to features cease working after this date: • MapInfo Pro 2019 on January 1st, 2021 • MapInfo Pro 17.0 on January 1st, 2019 • MapInfo Pro 16.0 on January 1st, 2018 • MapInfo Pro 15.0 and 15.2 on January 1st, 2017 New Coordinate Systems and Projections New Projection entries added to MapInfow.prj New Polar Stereographic entries added for use in the Universal Polar Stereographic projection category. These systems can apply either a standard parallel OR scale factor at the pole.


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