Ventsim Visual™ Premium includes all features of Ventsim Visual™ Advanced as well as VentFIRE™ fire simulation, VentLog™ ventilation survey record software, and the optional LiveView™ remote data connection and display module. Features include: All features of Ventsim Visual™ Advanced Dynamic Heat and Gas programmable events – heat, air or gas changes can be introduced at pre-programmed dynamic intervals Radon Simulation – Predict worker exposure levels based on radon emission rates from different areas, and the length of time the gas is allowed to remain in the mine atmosphere based on your ventilation design. VentLog™ – Software package to record survey data, export to plans and overlay on Ventsim models LiveView™ Module – Ventsim module to connect to external data and display and simulate real time data VentFIRE™ Module – Ventsim module to utilise DYNAMIC simulation to predict fire heat, gases and flow direction


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