APS Menci Remote 8.03


APS Menci Remote 8.03 Photogrammetry Software Photogrammetric software for drone Menci provides different software tools for different applications and contexts. APS is a photogrammetric software suite with high performance for the big production of aerial cartographic data starting from small and medium format digital images acquired by UAV drone. StereoCAD: stereoscopic CAD for drone images, to 3D inspection and plotting TerrainTools: professional DEM editor tool set, for volume, profiles and advanced DSM/DTM analysis APSCheck: fastpost-flight dataset checker OPK - Large Format: photogrammetric software suite for large format images from aerial cameras and satellite processing. Main Features Easy workflow User friendly interface Openness (no proprietary format) Self-contained (no other software requested) Customizable (we can respond and provide solutions to custom requests)


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