IAR_Embedded_Workbench_for_ARM_8.30 Read about the latest features, new device support, and program corrections in the release notes. Highlights Important information Release notes for individual components Product packages Installation and license activation Highlights Improved multicore support The multicore implementation has been redesigned. It is now easier to setup and configure multicore debug sessions. The debugger can now more easily cope with startup and sleep scenarious where cores are inactive. Cortex-M23/M33 project setup You can now select secure or non-secure setup in the project options. In previous releases this had to be done using Extra Options. New CMSIS-Pack implementation The CMSIS-Pack implementation is now based on the CMSIS-Pack Eclipse plugin from Arm. Extended support for Arm ACLE The language support now adds extended support for the Arm ACLE (Arm Compiler Language Extensions). C++17 features The compiler adds support for the following C++17 features: Over-aligned memory allocation. Compile-time if. Portable feature test macros. Fold expressions for variadic templates. Inline variables. Initializers in if and switch statements. Structured binding declarations. __has_include. Digital state display for Texas Instruments CC devices C-SPY can now display digital state information from the device in the Timeline window and the State Log window for the Texas Instruments devices CC1350, CC2650, CC2640R2F and the CC13x2/CC26x2 device family.


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