Xilinx Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions 2018.3

The Vivado® Design Suite shatters the RTL design productivity plateau by providing the industry’s first plug-and-play IP integration design environment, with its IP Integrator feature.

Vivado IP Integrator provides a graphical and Tcl-based, correct-by-construction design development flow. It provides a device and platform aware, interactive environment that supports intelligent auto-connection of key IP interfaces, one-click IP subsystem generation, real-time DRCs, and interface change propagation, combined with a powerful debug capability.

Designers work at the “interface” and not “signal” level of abstraction when making connections between IP, greatly increasing productivity.  Often times this is using industry standard AXI4 interfaces, but dozens of other interfaces are also supported by IP integrator.

Working at the interface level, design teams can rapidly assemble complex systems that leverages IP created with Vivado HLS, System Generator, Xilinx SmartCore™ and LogiCORE™ IP, Alliance Member IP as well as your own IP. By leveraging the combination of Vivado IPI and HLS customers are saving up to 15X in development costs versus an RTL approach.


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