Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise v7.9.4


+ Release Highlights ================== Filename: release_documents/Release_Highlights_EE_.pdf Contains detailed information regarding application delivery and support, licensing, installation, configuration requirements, and an overview of the product updates. + Installation Instructions ========================= Filename: release_documents/EE__install.pdf Contains detailed installation information and instructions. + Managing Mentor Graphics PCB Systems Software ============================================= Filename: release_documents/manage_sw_ee.pdf Contains detailed installation, uninstall and configuration instructions as well as basic licensing information. + Licensing Mentor Graphics Software ================================== Filename: release_documents/mgc_licen.pdf Contains detailed licensing information, specific to Mentor Graphics. + Release Notes for Licensing Mentor Graphics Software ==================================================== Filename: release_documents/mgc_lic_rn.pdf Contains detailed information on the Mentor Graphics licensing changes to support FLEXnet. + License Administration Guide ============================ Filename: release_documents/flexnet_lic_admin.pdf Explains Acresso's FLEXnet licensing for administrators and end users. It describes how to use the tools which are part of the standard FLEXnet Licensing distribution kit. + Setting Up DMS Client and Server Software ===================================== Filename: release_documents/dms_setup.pdf Contains detailed installation, de-installation and configuration instructions. + DMS Quick Start (DMS with DxDesigner) ===================================== Filename: release_documents/dms_qs_dx.pdf Provides a high-level overview of the steps necessary to install and configure DMS and create a working connection to one or more DxDesigner sessions.


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