FloMCAD™ Bridge FloMCAD Bridge enables parts and assemblies to be transferred easily and rapidly to FloTHERM for thermal analysis from mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) software such as Creo Parametric, SolidWorks and CATIA. FloMCAD Bridge intelligently filters the geometrical data for a particular part or assembly and creates a simplified “thermal equivalent” for analysis purposes. This is critical because production-quality MCAD solid models contain a vast amount of thermally insignificant geometric detail such as fillets, small holes, chamfers and screw treads. These details provide no accuracy benefit if included but can drastically slow down the solution process. The ability to defeature a part to match its thermal importance prior to translation offers a massive improvement in the efficiency of the model creation workflow process. FloEDA™ Bridge FloEDA Bridge enables printed circuit board designs to be transferred quickly and effortlessly to FloTHERM for thermal analysis, from leading electronic design automation (EDA) software such as Expedition PCB, Board Station, Allegro and CR5000. FloEDA Bridge works with extracted information from the EDA tool to create FloTHERM representations of the board outline, layer stack up, via distribution, and component layout. FloEDA Bridge represents the copper distribution in each layer with a tessellated (resolution is user controlled) thermal conductivity map. This ‘filtering’ enables the complex copper distribution in a board to be included with excellent accuracy and without resorting to excessive geometric detail. FloEDA Bridge fits perfectly into the existing design flow and permits the user to quickly import existing EDA data, and easily refine that data as appropriate.


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