Mentor Graphics QuestaSim v10.0a


Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced the Questa™ Vanguard Program (QVP), a partnership with industry-leading companies to enhance the verification options for Questa users and build a strong and comprehensive SystemVerilog ecosystem. The Questa Vanguard Program extends Mentor Graphics breadth of verification technologies through partnerships with other industry-leading companies that provide verification related tools and methods, verification IP, conversion services, training and consulting. Through these technology alliances and strategic partnerships, Mentor Graphics leverages resources and technical expertise to deliver even greater value to Questa users, including strong product integration with other Mentor Graphics technologies (see news release "Mentor Graphics Delivers the Next Generation of Functional Verification," May 8, 2006). "Without adequate industry infrastructure, no new technologies or methodologies can be successful," said Dennis Brophy, director of strategic business development at Mentor Graphics. "Mentor Graphics is committed to work closely with partners to ensure full support of the Questa platform." With the Questa Vanguard Program, Mentor has joined forces with leaders (see list of vendors enclosed) in training, consulting, conversion services and verification intellectual property (IP) to simplify and accelerate the adoption of new verification languages and techniques. Each partner works closely with Mentor to ensure that their products support the Questa platform and the Advanced Verification Methodology (AVM). In particular, Mentor has worked with select partners to facilitate the availability of their conversion products and services to help users rapidly migrate from proprietary single-vendor languages to SystemVerilog and the AVM. QVP enables design and verification engineers to meet today's verification challenges by extending and augmenting the Questa solution via Mentor's partnerships, thus allowing customers to identify the right partner for their verification needs. With a strong balance of QVP partners that support a broad set of verification IP, Mentor Graphics leverages the verification IP qualified for use with the Questa platform to deliver greater value to Mentor customers. QVP partners support more than 30 protocols with over 50 verification IP elements.


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