Mentor Graphics FloEFD Suite x64 2019

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Mentor, a Siemens business, announced the latest release of its award-winning frontloading FloEFD computational fluid dynamics (CFD) product with new functionality for geometry handling, physics and results visualization.

Release notes FloEFD Version 18.0 - Release date 18th December 2018:

The following new features are available in this release:

Thermal Management and Electronics Cooling
- Batteries
- Calibration
- Smart PCB
- Flux Plot
- Improved EDA Bridge
- Fan operating point
- Component Explorer: Edit Materials, Two Resistors, LEDs
- Contact resistance with a unit "K/W"
Radiation and Lighting, Film Condensation
- LED: Luminous Flux and Heat Generation Rate linked goals
- Radiation: Flux measure on semi-transparant surfaces
- Radiation: On-Orbit radiation
- Radiation: Coating Surface
- Radiation: Setting Radiation Temperature other than the global Environment Temperature for a specific wall
- Solar radiation direction is visualized to account loaded time moment
- Film motion
- Radiation: Absorption/emission in gases
- Thermal NO formation
- Cut Plot: Plot normal to curve
- Surface Parameters: Evaluate in sections, link to cut plot
- Flow Trajectories: Start form simple shapes (line, rectangular) rather than geometry reference
- Comparing different models in FloEFDView
- Scene template
- Scene in Batch Results Processing
- Apply to all selected project in Batch Results Processing
- Pin dialog while creating a condition
- Custom Visualization Parameters: Add logical expressions
- Improved geometry variation in Parametric Study
- Parameters
- API improvement (create project from template, create face based (color or name) conditions)
- Template name for boundry conditions
- Feature Goals
- Improved geometry handling default state
- Offset option in XY Plots
- Display computational domain size
- OneSim
- Embedded HEEDS



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