Antenna Magus Professional 2019 v9.0

New Features, extensions and improvements

  • Design Range for all antennas have been expanded by introducing a smart extrapolation mechanism. [MAGUS-25981]
  • Array operators have been added to the Array Synthesis tool to allow manipulation of array layouts generated in Antenna Magus and imported layouts. [MAGUS-25221]
  • A new workflow has been added, which supports Find and Design without a Specification. [MAGUS-23652]
  • The Start Page layout has been modified. [MAGUS-26606]
  • Near-field data can be calculated during Performance Estimation and exported to near-field source formats supported by CST STUDIO SUITE. [MAGUS-25762]
  • CST STUDIO SUITE projects may be exported directly to the to CST Component Library. [MAGUS-25538]
  • Variables from Designs and Tweaks in Antenna Magus may be exported to a script/macro file that may be run in existing CST STUDIO SUITE and Altair FEKO models to update parameter values. [MAGUS-26009]
  • A new 'Compact' machine codes format has been introduced. [MAGUS-26808]
  • A new 'About' window has been added. [MAGUS-25985]
  • The Antenna Magus installation now includes a mechanism to perform the necessary setup steps that will allow Antenna Magus to be licensed using a CST STUDIO SUITE license, even if the CST License Manager is not independently installed on the machine. [MAGUS-25759]
  • The coordinate system for far-field data that is visualised using the Ludwig III definition can be interactively adjusted. [MAGUS-23676]
  • In the Array Tool, the Synthesis Environment (infinite reflective plane oriented in the primary planes with an arbitrary offset) can now be independently defined for the synthesis of the Base Layout pattern (array factor) and the Synthesised array pattern. [MAGUS-26886]
  • The use of a decimal character in an Editable Distribution Matrix is now possible. [MAGUS-26060]
  • The Ribbon Menu has been upgraded and improved. [MAGUS-26513, MAGUS-26078]
  • Antenna Magus now supports the version 4.7 .Net framework. [MAGUS-23612]

New Antennas and extensions

  • A pin-fed four-edge coupled microstrip antenna (FEGCOMA) [MAGUS-26639]
  • Printed and matched normal-mode helix antenna (NMHA) [MAGUS-26695]
  • For some multi-port devices, Performance Estimate results for different ports are now displayed on the same graph. [MAGUS-18977]
  • The time required for calculation of some 3D previews has been reduced. [MAGUS-26892]

Bug fixes

  • Navigating away from the Start Page and then back could have caused a crash in some cases. This has been fixed. [AMB-2790]
  • The parameters in Custom Templates may not have properly loaded after closing and re-opening Antenna Magus. [AMB-2792]
  • When a couple of Prototypes have been added estimated in short succession some 3D previews could have failed. [AMB-2817]
  • After adding a parameter to a Custom Template which already had a Custom Prototype in the collection may have caused a crash when selecting the Custom Prototype. [AMB-2820]
  • Diagonal spacing - a Derived Quantity - was not calculated for triangular array layouts. This has been added. [AMB-2794]
  • Exporting 2D data to the clipboard in the Array Tool incorrectly launched the Save As dialogue. This has been fixed [AMB-2829]
  • Parameters with infinite ranges may have incorrectly shown sliders in Export Mode. [AMB-2814]
  • In some cases with the use of reflective planes in the Array Tool Synthesis Environment, the chart table headings didn't match with the displayed data. This has been fixed. [AMB-2815]
  • When exporting 3D patterns, the exported image used the default orientation instead of the rotation in Antenna Magus at the -time of export. [AMB-2826]
  • If a reflective plane was added before an array was set up in the Array tool it may have caused a crash. [AMB-2862]
  • The position of the bounding box visualisation for some antennas was slightly shifted. This has been fixed. [AMB-2856]
  • When switching between 3D Preview views in the Compare Window of Design 3D Preview mode where the view position has been shifted (panning), an unexpected jump in the view may have occurred. This now works correctly. [MAGUS-26751]
  • When viewing Array Layouts in the Array Tool, the positions of the array element visualisation may have been slightly shifted. This has been improved. [MAGUS-26871]
  • When triggering the calculation of many 3D Previews and/or performance estimates, Antenna Magus may have become unresponsive. This has been improved. [MAGUS-26871]



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