Cadence Physical Verification System (PVS) v14.1


Cadence Physical Verification System (PVS) integrates with industry-standard Cadence Virtuoso® custom/mixed-signal and Cadence Encounter® digital design flows. This provides designers with an end-to-end design and signoff solution from a single vendor. PVS is a trusted solution that enables users to achieve advanced node design signoff in a quick total turnaround time. It provides efficient, effective debug tools to reduce debug time and increase productivity. This solution supports advanced process node technology (such as double patterning, 3D-IC, and advanced device extraction), and it extends physical verification technology into design reliability checking and constraint validation. PVS also offers a distributed multi-threading processing capability that greatly accelerates throughput without requiring specialized hardware. Benefits Trusted solution with production-proven accuracy Single-vendor solution for implementation and pre-tapeout signoff Quick turnaround time from design to signoff through integration with Virtuoso and Encounter design flows Innovative technology to support advanced process node design Reduced debug time with powerful and intuitive debugging tools Simplified migration through compatibility with industry-standard formats Cost-effective parallel computing systems, eliminating the need for hardware modifications


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