Cadence MMSIM v13.1


imulating Crystal Oscillators got a lot easier in MMSIM13.1...We have made enhancments to both Harmonic Balance and Transient analyses. In Part 1, I’ll cover Improvements to the Harmonic Balance use model. With a streamlined Choosing Analyses form you can now focus on the simulation results, rather than the setup of the analysis. In Part 2, I'll cover Improvements to transient analysis. We’ve added a new feature to transient analysis that allows you to reach steady state more quickly should you decide to simulate your crystal oscillator using transient analysis. Important: Be sure to use IC615 ISR14 or later to see the new MMSIM13.1 features in the GUI. Part 1: MMSIM 13.1 SpectreRF Harmonic Balance simulations are more streamlined. In MMSIM 13.1, we have a new harmonic balance streamlined analysis form. This allows you to focus on simulation results instead of setup details. In many cases for oscillators, the oscillator frequency and the output oscillator node are the only required parameters. First, let's look at the schematic. Below is a standard Pierce CMOS 10MHz oscillator.


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