Cadence Indago 15.10.001


Cadence Indago 15.10.001 Key Benefits Uses powerful algorithms to analyze each debug point as you navigate through your design Identifies causal relationships for the most typical debug questions Allows you to dive into the testbench or RTL code to quickly diagnose the root cause of a failure Allows you to retrace/replay interesting scenarios Bugs are hard enough to find in a complex design, whether you're debugging at the HDL level, the testbench level, or the verification intellectual property (VIP) level. Bugs often appear as errors dozens or hundreds of cycles separated from their actual occurrence. With these challenges, design and verification engineers need sophisticated tools to find bugs in the haystack of data produced by the simulator. Through the Cadence® Indago™ technologies, you'll find sophisticated solutions to address RTL, testbench, VIP, and SoC verification debug needs. Our Indago Debug Platform can improve your debug productivity by up to 50%, applying advanced data exploration techniques to hardware verification for smart debug and increased automation. Designed to break down the verification bottleneck that exists in traditional debug flows (see Figure 1), the Indago Debug Analyzer App was developed with sophisticated debug technologies such as automated root-case analysis (RCA) and advanced data exploration techniques. The app, integrated into our Indago Debug Platform, is suited for testbench and RTL debug and helps you uncover bugs 50% faster than with traditional sample-based debug methodologies. Figure 1. A traditional debug flow involves several debug iterations to collect more data Advanced data exploration techniques involve a passive collection of a complete set of data points for powerful and detailed analysis at a very low cost. Using these techniques along with analysis and powerful algorithms, the Indago Debug Analyzer App, as shown in Figure 2, analyzes each debug point as you navigate your design (messages, waveforms, source execution order, call stack, active threads, etc.). At each point, the app identifies causal relationships for the most typical debug questions, which are presented to you in an intuitive RCA GUI component. Using the RCA component, you can intuitively click your way through the complete failure scenario, seamlessly diving into the testbench or RTL code to quickly diagnose the root cause of the failure. To ensure that you can retrace your debug steps, each debug decision taken in the RCA component is saved in an investigation tree.


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