Keysight EMPro 2017 Update 0.1


Keysight EMPro 2017 Update 0.1 Keysight Technologies Inc. has released an update to EMPro 2017. This release delivers several FEM mesher and solver improvements resulting in faster simulations, as well as new parameterization capabilities, enhanced visualization and improved python scripting. EMPro 2017 Update 0.1 Release Notes: Issue Addressed EMPro - A python function (Assembly._setitem_) that was no longer available in EMPro 2017 has been restored. - Fixed an issue that could cause EMPro to hang while saving a project. FEM - Fixed an issue in the FEM mesh refinement process when objects of the same materials are merged. - Fixed a remote FEM simulation license issue. - Reduced the memory consumption of FEM simulations for large designs with many ports. This may increase the simulation time by 10-15% depending on the machine and design.


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