Agilent WaferPro Express 2016.04 HF1


Agilent WaferPro Express 2016.04 HF1 WaferPro Express is a key compo - nent of Agilent Technologies and Cascade Microtech Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS). These system solutions are pre- validated to minimize the time to first measurement and provide accurate and repeatable device and component characterization. WMS delivers guaranteed system configuration, installation and sup - port (Figure 1). • The modern and simple to use interface reduces time to first measurement on newly assembled measurement systems and simpli - fies the everyday procedure of set - ting up automated measurement 2 Features At A Glance • Large library of tests and instrument configurations available for most com - mon semiconductor devices. Standard S-parameters, DC-IV/CV, noise figure, 1/f noise, and gain compression measurements can be set up and executed very quickly. • Highly optimized for Cascade Microtech wafer probers, the software effi - ciently supports other prober manufacturers as well. • The Python programming environment allows users to design and implement custom tests and data post-processing. Measured data can be conveniently saved to ASCII files or to SQL database format, which greatly improves secu - rity and allows users to quickly search data. • The comprehensive support for a variety of instruments, probers, and thermal matricies allows lab managers to optimize lab equipment. WaferPro Express is a unified software test measurement environment, and a WaferPro test project is independent of instrument firmware and dedicated instrument software. • Fully integrated in the Agilent device modeling flow. Data can easily be exported to modeling platforms such as Agilent IC-CAP, Agilent MBP and Agilent MQA. • Highly efficient drivers for the most common Agilent instruments, such as DC analyzers and the PNA Series of network analyzers, CV meters and power supplies.


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