Agilent.GoldenGate.RFIC.Simulation.2015.01.v4.9.0 GoldenGate 2015.01 includes the following new products and improved capabilities: GoldenGate-in-ADS Simulation Improvements New and updated model support Description The GoldenGate RFIC SimulatorKeysight’s GoldenGate 2015.01 delivers new and enhanced capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency for Silicon RFIC designers. GoldenGate-in-ADS & New RFIC Cockpit RFIC designer’s favorite simulator in their favorite platform Access to GoldenGate from an ADS schematic and expands ADS “schematic control block” use model to a complete RFIC cockpit Capacity and performance benefits of the GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software native in ADS, when using interoperable PDKs. Proven Silicon RFIC simulator for larger-scale integrated RF circuit design Access to unique capabilities like Fast Yield Contributor (FYC) analysis in the ADS environment ADS RFIC Cockpit: Import simulation states from ADE or set up simulations directly in a familiar environment Design and simulate on Windows as well as Linux GoldenGate-in-ADS Figure 1. NEW - "GoldenGate-in-ADS" is the RFIC designer's favorite simulator in their favorite platform. GoldenGate-in-ADS Importing States Figure 2. Importing ADE simulation states using the ADS RFIC Cockpit helps with your migration. GoldenGate Simulator Enhancements New simulation support for multiple, non-harmonically-related frequency dividers, for use in accurately predicting receiver crosstalk common in LTE-A Carrier Aggregation simulation Fast Envelope Level 3 support for envelope tracking modulation applications Faster crystal oscillator startup performance. 5x faster out of the box performance. Settled solution in <20 periods. vs. 10,000+ for a full transient analysis Multi-Threaded sparse matrix solver (10-50% faster transient simulations) X-parameter simulation and data file improvements Improve efficiency of Envelope Transient (ET) Noise analysis (up to 1.5X speed-up in ET Noise) Improved multi-threading & refactoring for HB Noise (up to 2.5X speedup) Oscillator Analysis performance improvement: 4x faster on ring oscillator + divide by 32 circuit


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