Agilent.Advanced.Design.System(ADS).2016.01 for linux ADS is the industry's leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave and signal-integrity applications. ADS 2016 provides users with significant technology advances in signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), RF PCB, Laminate, Module, and Silicon RFIC Technologies. In addition to ADS 2016, ADS 2016 Update 1 introduces major new technology developments for the SIPro/PIPro feature set. Note: ADS 2016.01 must be installed before attempting to install ADS 2016 Update 1. ADS 2016 Update 1 includes the following improved capabilities: Mesh Domain Optimization (MDO): New innovative meshing technology for SIPro/PIPro provides the benefits of cookie-cutting a design (reducing simulation time and lowering memory requirements), while avoiding the repetitive and error-prone process of manually cookie-cutting a PCB layout prior to EM simulation. MDO intelligently reduces the problem size to solve, without sacrificing accuracy. MDO enables you to work on a full PCB layout, queuing up multiple simulations of different buses on the same board. You can now analyze many more digital channels in the same amount of time, with less engineering time expended on setup. ADS Channel Sim - Pulse Response: IBIS-AMI Channel simulation can now output the pulse response (Single-Bit response) for the channel, Tx+Channel, and Tx+Channel+Rx. This helps the user to understand Inter-Symbol-Interference in the channel and analyze/optimize the EQ settings that affect the responses. Automated Component Value Assignment: Components in PIPro will automatically assign values derived from the component name. Remote Visualization Performance: For SIPro and PIPro a new performance rendering mode is available to maximize frame rate when accessing the tools over a remote connection.


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