The Agilent Technologies 89600 Series vector signal analyzer (VSA) facilitates faster and easier communication system design from initial design simulation to final hardware prototype. It offers 36 MHz bandwidth capacity for measuring signals such as cellular and satellite communications, digital video, wireless LAN (WLAN), and local multipoint distribution service (LMDS). Spectrum analyzers with demodulation capability are useful tools for highlighting an existing problem. However, many DSP or RF problems can create high adjacent channel power or p oorly locked constellations. With the 89600 VSA’s sophisticated and unique error analysis tools, you can actually determine the root causes of the problems. The 89600 Series VSA dynamically links to Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS), electronic design automation software. This tight linkage means you can use the 89600 to evaluate simulated data and measurement results from hardware — providing you confidence in results because the same measurement algorithms are used during simulation and test. Links to the Agilent ESG signal generators from both the ADS software and the 89600 VSA mean you no longer need to wait for all of the hardware stages in a block diagram to come back from fabrication to look for system level problems. In combination with the ESG, the 89600 VSA can uncover RF and DSP problems throughout the radio block diagram — even before hardware exists. Working with hard-to-measure signals — bursted, hopped, modulated — is a fact of life for designers of today’s high-performance communications systems. When creating a new design, it takes time to find the causes of system problems. The Agilent 89600 Series VSAs combine time-, frequency- and modulation-domain analysis to provide measurements and displays that help you look in the right place sooner. More than a spectrum analyzer The 89600 VSAs provide traditional spectrum displays and measurements, but today a spectrum analyzer isn’t enough. New digital formats require new measurements. Familiar tools such as spectrum analyzers with demodulation may indicate that a problem exists, but they can’t help you understand the cause of the problem. For instance, incorrect filtering, spurious interference, incorrect interpolation, DAC overflow, symbol mistiming and other errors may all increase adjacent channel power and distort the constellation. The 89600 Series VSA can identify which of these is the root cause of the problem. Troubleshoot RF and DSP Problems These two signals appear almost identical when viewed with a spectrum analyzer. However, this radio will not transmit a bit. The second signal is off in its center frequency, symbol clock rate, and filter alpha. Spectrum analyzers with demodulation will all show high ACPR and a cloudy constellation, but only a 89600 VSA can identify these problems with a single screen using its EVM versus time display


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