Agilent GoldenGate 4.5.0


GoldenGate’s unique algorithms are optimized for the challenging demands of modern complex radio design. These demands require a simulator with capabilities not previously available. GoldenGate addresses these demands with the ability to converge on complete transceivers with the speed to enable full characterization prior to tape out. MIXEr ANALYSIS Mixers are the fundamental block for upconversion or downconversion of signals in a transceiver. GoldenGate efficiently ana- lyzes the effects of this frequency translation by accurately measuring the conversion gain, noise figure (with and without blocking signals), small signal noise, linearity (ip2/ip3) and spurious responses. Furthermore, modern low-if architectures require the lo and carrier frequencies to be very close together. ip3 for low-IF mixer GoldenGate’s harmonic-balance capabilities allow the designer to automatically calculate these metrics far more efficiently than with traditional transient techniques. AMpLIFIEr ANALYSIS Amplifiers have a wide range of applications, each requiring specific design tradeoffs. GoldenGate provides the ability to properly analyze linearity, gain and efficiency through automated analyses such as ip3/im, large signal s-Parameters, Pin-Pout, Gain Compression, pae, acpr, and evm. Traditional two tone analysis is, at best, an approximation to reality and does not offer the designer complete characterization of the amplifier. GoldenGate’s Envelope Transient technique provides the necessary capability to simulate actual digitally-modulated signals, giving a real-world representation of the perfor- mance prior to tape-out. OSCILLATOr ANALYSIS Accurate acpr and evm of qpsk modulated signal for cdma receiver Oscillators are used extensively in both receive and transmit paths. Oscillators are particularly susceptible to noise, specifically phase and amplitude noise. Nonlinearity and periodic variations in both the lo and signal path create difficulties for traditional time-domain simulators. GoldenGate’s Envelope Transient and Harmonic Balance approaches enable a much faster and more accurate analysis of vco phase noise and amplitude noise sweep


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