Agilent EMPro v2010.7


MPro 2010.07 is a maintenance release for EMPro 2010. EMPro is a new design platform for analyzing the electromagnetic effects of RF and microwave components such as high-speed IC packages, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. EMPro features the most modern design, simulation and analysis environment, highest capacity simulation technology and integration with the industry's leading RF and microwave circuit design environment, Advanced Design System (ADS) for fast and efficient RF and microwave circuit design. Whats new Platform Improvements * New Bondwire Geometry Component * ODB++ File Import * Several UI Enhancements (Boolean multiple objects, geometry transform shortcuts, etc.) * Transform functions: Scale, Translate, Rotate, Reflect, Shear for object manipulation * Windows 7 Support Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Improvements * Native CUDA-based GPU acceleration of FDTD simulations Finite Element Method (FEM) Improvements * Reuse of meshes and frequency points to increase simulation speed * Internal Sheet Ports with Reduced Parasitics * Advanced Meshing Control Options * Debye and Lorentz Material Support * New Symmetry Boundary Conditions * Option to discard field data, to reduce disk space requirements Issues Fixed in the Maintenance Release * ADS FEM simulations failure on consecutive run with FEM hotfix (EMPro 2010 onwards) has been fixed. * FDTD engine instability issue with CPU, when more than one threads are used, has been resolved. * EMPro now preserve "Initial Target Mesh Size" setting and there is button for "Automatically determine”. * Issue of "Group into Assembly" command with multiple objects in the parts tree at the same level has been addressed. * Issue while using near and far-zone sensors in FEM Simulation with basis order-1 is resolved. * FEM simulation error with single frequency point has been addressed.


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