Agilent Advanced Design System ADS 2011.10


Agilent Technologies introduced the latest verion of their Advanced Design System and Electromagnetic Professional software. ADS 2011.10 RF design software and EMPro 2011.11 3-D modeling and simulation platform include enhancements to speed and improve RF design and verification. AADS 2011.10 will ship later this month. EMPro 2011.11 will be available for download in late October. Pricing for the ADS and EMPro environments start at $8,000 and $7,000, respectively. ADS 2011.10 Enhancements Agilent ADS 2011.10 RF design software A design documentation notebook that makes it easy to create and share all or selected views of schematics, layout and data displays, and generate PDF and PostScript outputs files. The ability to more easily create native air bridges in ADS layout and the substrate editor for Momentum and finite element method 3-D EM simulation. RF power amplifier design and analysis improvements to the Load Pull Design Guide. An easier multi-technology EM assembly simulation setup (which comes from the ability to use a single substrate definition for both Momentum and FEM simulators), an improved user interface and a new FEM multithreaded iterative solver that delivers a 2X speed improvement. Improved PCB interoperability stemming from a more effective transfer of PCB via Pad stacks and ODB++ import improvements. Supports Agilent’s new 89601B Vector Signal Analysis software Includes redriver/retimer models for the HSD channel simulator Native ADS 2011 PDK documentation Sample design kit Improved ease of use and error detection for Desktop LVS EMPro 2011.11 Enhancements Agilent EMPro 2011.11 3-D modeling and simulation platform A fast FEM iterative solver that provides an additional 2X speed improvement (on top of the 2X speedup already realized in the 2011.07 release) for simulations that include internal ports, reflecting Agilent’s ongoing commitment to fast-paced advancements in simulation technology. User-defined passive loads capability that allows users to include ideal passive loads directly in a FEM simulation to represent matching circuits and surface-mount components. (The loads are defined in the EM setup environment, which consists of common series and parallel RLC network topologies. This capability enables accurate field visualization results and radiation patterns that take into account passive loads.) A fast, two-dimensional port solver that simplifies FEM simulation port setup, allowing users to quickly and easily determine the number of modes, reference impedance and optimum impedance line placemen


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